Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like...


Ahh, my favorite holiday. How I've been looking forward to you.

This week was to be our week. We would give thanks at Thanksgiving, then delve right into the Christmas season with some Black Friday shopping. And oh splendid weekend...we were going to decorate the house.

But alas, as much as we've been looking forward to our time together, dear Christmas, it has not been what we've planned. Mother Nature interfered and gave me this horrible, nasty cold on Monday, and I'm still dealing with the ugliness of it all. Thanksgiving was a struggle as I tried to eat with my mouth closed and breathe at the same time. Black Friday shopping proved to be difficult as I nearly passed out in line at the first store we went to. And today? Our most special day of all? The one that was supposed to be filled with holiday music as I pulled out the Christmas decor and lovingly placed it around the apartment, admiring each decoration, and loving this splendid holiday even more with each breath? It didn't happen. Instead, I've been lying on the couch the entire day, watching tv and moaning. Oh how Mother Nature has betrayed us!

For now, dear Christmas, we'll have to take a rain check. Oh how that hurts my heart.

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Melissa said...

Awww! Well I hope things start to improve. Those first few months of pregnancy are always the worst. Well.. maybe not. The last month is always the worst just because of the anticipation and discomfort, but they come in a mighty close second to that! ;)

Feel better soon!