Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

from creative thursday

In honor of my sweet, sweet nephew, Luke - this post is for you.

How often do you find a child who's favorite holiday is Valentine's Day?

I called my nephew this morning to be sure to wish him a Happy Valentine's Day, and this conversation took place:

Him, upon answering the phone: Happy Valentine's Day!

Me: Happy Valentine's Day, buddy! Is this your favorite holiday?

Him: Yes.

Me: How come?

Him: Because I like to give out hearts.


My sister said he was so excited Friday evening when he heard on the radio that the following day was Valentine's Day.

Other sweet things this sweet boy does:

Shares his lollipop with his little brother.

Feeds his brother his bottle, even though said brother is old enough to hold his own bottle.

(This happened when Noah woke up after being put down for the night. Luke was distraught, and wondered why he cried and woke up. Then proceeded to feed him his bottle).

Yawn, bottle-feeding is hard work.

The following picture is my absolute favorite. It totally captures the special relationship these two boys share.

I am not lying when I tell you that these two could not live without the other. Before Noah was even born, Luke referred to him as "his baby." He's loved him ever since. Sometimes when Noah is crying the only one who can get him to stop mid-cry, and then produce a full-fledged belly laugh, is Luke. Luke gets very upset if he has to be anywhere without Noah. He wants him by his side in all he does - watching tv, playing video games, sitting on the couch reading a book, etc. When Noah was just a babe, Luke would ask my sister to put Noah in his room to play with him. If Noah is sleeping, Luke wants him to wake up to be with him. And when Noah does wake up, the first one in the room to greet him is Luke. My sister has caught Luke having climbed into Noah's crib to read to and play with him. Luke will even give Noah his own toys, "because that's what big brothers do." These two are inseparable.

So, sweet Luke, here's to you. I hope you had the best Valentine's Day yet! No one deserves it more than you. And I know you'll share whatever goodness you receive with your little brother, Noah.

One last story...

Luke knows that I'm on bed rest. He tells people that I have to be in bed all day with my baby.

So, I sent a homemade card to both Luke and Noah, and when Luke discovered that I had made them, he was shocked and responded, "In bed??"

He then wanted to know how I made my way to a mailbox.



Melissa W. said...

How sweet! :) What a treasure brothers can be for one another. I'm glad Luke took to being a big brother so well.

Amber said...

Oh my goodness, how sweet! What a precious little boy. I can't wait to have a little boy one day. What a special bond they share.