Friday, June 12, 2009

Still here, still waiting...

I'll be 39 weeks on Monday. CA-razy!

I'm definitely feeling more pressure, back aches, and lots of movement down low. That, my friends, is the strangest feeling - to experience your baby's head moving around in your pelvic area.

I think I had some real contractions last Sunday. 3 in a half hour. Then they stopped. I think I had some more on Wednesday. She's definitely getting ready. I'm praying and crossing my fingers she either comes before our house closing (on the 18th) or anytime on or after her due date on the 22nd. Hubby is holding out for the Fourth of July. I think I might physically harm him if she waits until then!

I'm still having the NST's and ultrasounds weekly. And so far, they've all been perfect. It's so funny to go in week after week for the u/s and to have the technician once again try see this little girl's face...she always, always has her little hands over her face. At this point, the technician has given up on even trying for a 3D u/s picture.

No weekend plans, though I'm sure we'll do some more packing and cleaning, gearing up for the big move. It's so exciting!

Before I go, I'll leave you with this delightful photo of my dear sweet nephew, Luke. He has recently started karate, and yesterday he won a trophy for coming in second place in a sparring activity. Isn't the proud look on his face just priceless?

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Staci said...

I love the look on your nephew's face! I hope you have a nice weekend. Don't work too hard. Be sure and take care of yourself with lots of rest and relaxation! You may not have many more weekends for yourself......