Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I was purging out my desk at work today (ah, good ol' spring cleaning. Or maybe it's nesting?) and came across my appointment book from 2009.

I probably shouldn't admit that I actually had appointment books dating back to 2008 in my desk!

As I was glancing through said appointment book, I came across the week of June 15, 2009. Oh, the memories from that week. Yup, there was my scheduled ultrasound on June 17th. And then the closing of our house on June 18th, which I had scheduled off. And then my next prenatal appointment on June 19th. Our baby was due June 22.

Funny how you can plan and plan to your heart's content, but truly there is only one Master Planner.

Needless to say, I only made one of those scheduled appointments; the ultrasound on June 17th. That was the day radiology sent me directly to my doctor's office for an NST to check on my daughter, as my amniotic fluid was low. I'll never forget the doctor's words and the expression on his face when he said he wanted to induce me. I looked right at him and said, "You're kidding, right?"

My doctor knew we were closing on our house the next day, so was willing to wait until then (he felt things were not serious enough to not be able to wait). He asked me to come back in that evening to monitor the baby again. When I left, my mind was everywhere - Oh, my goodness, we could have a baby tomorrow. Oh my goodness, we could have our house tomorrow. Oh my goodness, how in the world do we do both??

My husband and I ran around like mad people. We went to the bank, then we went to see our lawyer to sign some things early just in case I didn't make it back for the closing, then we scrambled to get back home so I could pack my hospital bag, and finally we headed to the hospital for that evening's appointment.

Once again everything was fine, so he did a quick check, and sent us home for the evening. The plan was for a morning induction, followed by my husband and me closing on our home, and then back to the hospital.

Around 10 o'clock that night, I started having contractions.

I never made it to our walk-thru or the house closing the next day. Instead I lay in a hospital bed, breathing through contractions, while my husband went to these appointments with his father.

Late that evening we had in our "possessions" both the keys to our first home, and a beautiful baby daughter.

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Melissa W. said...

It's always amazing how His plan ends up working out. Good or bad, He always sees us through. :)