Friday, April 22, 2011

Still wiped

Still wiped - I had my doctor do a strep throat culture  on me, but won't know the results until tomorrow. I went to bed early last night, but it didn't help. For the entire night, I could only sleep for about 20-30 minutes at a time. I couldn't get comfortable, and I alternated between having the chills and breaking out in a sweat. It was definitely a long, long night. I am exhausted today. And still feeling like crud.

Doctor's appointment went well, otherwise. My OB wants to do one more ultrasound to check on the position of the placenta. If it's moved enough, my c-section date may be moved to closer to my due date (May 19th). Nothing like the last minute, right? I know it's in the baby's best interest though to stay inside for the extra 10 days or so, if possible. But let me tell you, I'm looking forward to the end of this pregnancy. My body is just one achy mess!

On a different note, I'm really looking forward to celebrating Easter with Katie. She's at an age now where I think she will have so much fun with everything!

Happy Easter!

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Melissa W. said...

I sure hope you are able to move the date... nothing like having a baby and a sick one at the same time! :( Not to mention a sick Momma, too. Take care of yourself... will be praying for you... and I hope you feel better soon! <3