Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why I don't blog enough, and how I blame my husband

Yes, I am still here. Well, not HERE, on this blog, but still alive and kicking.

I blame my husband.

You see, it all started back on Christmas Day last year. When I opened my last Christmas gift, and was totally shocked and surprised at receiving an iPad. I hadn't asked for one. I had no huge interest in having one. Yet, I did. In my hands. For me. (Well, not really. It was gifted as a "family gift." But more on that later).

To be completely honest, I didn't care much for the iPad at first. Call it old habits. Call it routine. Call it what you want, but that little iPad was a passing notion when I wanted to puruse online. Instead, I would heft my old familiar friend, my laptop, into my lap each day. And then something happened.

I was pregnant. And it started to get uncomfortable hefting that hot laptop into my lap every day. The iPad was so much smaller and portable. Cue the pillows, the blankets, my comfy bed, and my new friend, the iPad propped up on my knees, against a pillow, or wherever the heck had me in a comfortable pregnant position that day...ahh, I had been converted.

To further my love affair with the iPad was when my second daughter, Leia was born. Feedings were so much better with my trusty techy side-kick.

And it is a perfect family gift. We all use and love it (well Leia not so much right now, but I'm sure she will in time). Katie has had countless fun with the educational and sometimes not-so-educational apps (Angry Birds, anyone?). And she enjoys watching her videos on YouTube. I think most importantly, she enjoys being able to get on and navigate the iPad herself. Little Miss Independent. And I won't admit that she may be better on the iPad then her parents are.

How does the iPad contribute to my lack of blogging? Well, since I'm on the iPad so much, I'm on my laptop so much less. And I do have to admit that I prefer to blog on a regular keyboard. The iPad (especially that autocorrect thing) make it a tad tedious of a process. So, since the iPad and I are such close companions now, my laptop, along with blogging, have been put on the back burner.

So there you have it. The reason I blog less, and why I blame my husband.

Perhaps I shall add "Blog More" to my list of New Year's resolutions. Oh good God, did I just jump ahead to New Year's already? This year has flown by...

In the meantime, perhaps I can make it up to you all (ahem, the handful of you) with a darling photo of two other reasons of how my time is consumed these days.

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