Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Girls, Sisters, Friends.

 I adore this picture, fake tattoos and all.

Those two sweet girls in the last post - well, they certainly keep my heart full, as well as keep me on my toes!

Katie is a sweet, snuggly young girl, and while she may have her moments of anger and frustration, deep down she has a big heart. She is constantly telling me she loves me throughout the day. It is the sweetest thing having her big blue eyes look into mine, as her little arms are wrapped around my neck. Just yesterday she told me "you're my love" and she's constantly saying, "that's what loves do" when she does something nice for someone. Katie will be in preschool this fall, which seems so hard to believe. I still remember that day in the hospital when she was born. People always talk about how fast they grow, and it is so, so true. Just when I think about the next thing she should be learning or the next skill she should be acquiring, and how far away that accomplishment seems, she's doing it. Currently she is learning to write her name. She concentrates on writing her letters, and soaks everything up like a little sponge. And talk about proud; she is so proud of herself. As she should be. She created her first "person" the other day. I have been waiting for this moment; I just think little kids' drawings of people are so adorable. I was probably way more excited than I should have been!

Leia is our little jokester. She finds humor in everything, and is always trying to make people laugh. Just the other day she put her lunch bowl on her head and started laughing at our dog, Optimus, exclaiming, "Hat! Hat!" She is constantly testing the limits and pushing buttons. And every time, she laughs about it. Time outs? They don't phase her; she takes them with a smirk. She is our sweet and silly girl. She is picking up more and more words, and really starting to put them together. She loves the "Pad" (iPad), books, babies, her dog, snuggles with Daddy, and music. Turn on some music, and that girl can't resist dancing. Especially if it's Gangnam Style. She is fiercely independent, but lately she won't let Mommy out of her sight. She is usually grabbing my hand, saying, "c'mon." If I'm walking into a different room of the house, she runs after me screaming, "Wait!"

And these two as sisters? They have their moments, but they sure do love each other. They're always looking out for one another, and are playing more and more together. They love to chase each other around the house, and the sound of their combined giggles warms this Momma's heart.

Sisters. They are the best.

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