Friday, May 17, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Song

I'm joining up with Lisa Jo Baker and some amazing women for Five Minute Friday. One word. Five minutes. No editing. Learn more HERE.

Today's prompt is:



These girls of mine, they love to sing. All day long. 

And I love to listen to them.

I love the sound of their sweet little child voices singing the words to whatever nursery rhyme or pop radio song comes into their heads. 

Leia cracks me up when she sings, "Twinkle, Twinkle yittle stah, how I wonda what yee ah."  

And Katie as she sings to Angelina Ballerina's Butterfly song, and instead of singing, 'When I'm swooping' she sings, "When I'm pooking," and I can't help but envision the little mouse ballerina puking all over the place.  

Both girls love to sing and dance. Yes, we often have impromptu dance parties, plastic spoon microphones and all. They will often ask for the radio to be on at home, or to watch music videos of their favorite songs on YouTube. Recently Leia has told me "turn up" the radio in the car, and then this morning that we couldn't get out of the car at day care yet because, "I'm dancin." Current song obsessions include, This Girl is on FireI Want You Back, Gangnam Style, and anything by Taylor Swift, but most particularly, Trouble. 

And if you live around here, you may have even heard Miss Leia singing at the top of her lungs at our local Target, "OHHHHH, Twubble, Twubble!" Or as Katie says, "Fwubble."

It amazes me how many songs they know.

I will never tire of hearing their little voices as they sing.


Sheila said...

Found your site from Five Minute Friday. Your post brings back such GREAT memories of my three.

Anonymous said...

We love impromptu dance/singing time! From our house to yours, rock on!

Gabrielle said...

So sweet. Sounds like our house too. I love the messed up lyrics they sing.

Plays with Purpose said...

Love the songs and dance of our children. So joyful. Mine are grown now and love when they come for a visit and the grandkids start singing their made-up songs. Or, they want to stand in front of church and sing. It is beautiful music to our ears, isn't it? Treasure these moments forever.
Kelly (stopping by from FMF)