Friday, July 26, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Broken

I'm joining up with Lisa Jo Baker and some amazing women for Five Minute Friday. One word. Five minutes. No editing. Learn more HERE.

Today's word is:



I drove my girls to day care this morning. Leia was in the back seat crying because she didn’t like the song that was playing on the radio. We passed a man walking a dog. She cried harder because she couldn’t see it. When I shut the car off and got the kids out of their car seats, I didn’t do it fast enough. Leia cried more. When she got out of the car, she couldn’t see her day care friend in the window any longer. She threw herself on the ground and declared that she wouldn’t stand. I carried her into the house, where she continued to cry because she couldn’t find her ball. The ball was discovered and handed to her. She threw herself on the floor in the entryway, belly down, and continued to cry. Minutes that seemed like hours later, the day care provider and I were able to redirect her to some music.

Katie came in the room, and wanted to sit on my lap. She scooted up. Leia wanted my lap too. Each child got a leg. Katie began to cry because she didn’t have enough room. I took her into the other room and we sat for a minute as she told me it wasn’t fair that she didn’t get time in my lap alone, and Leia had earlier. She cried for a little while longer as a friend came over and patted her back. I attempted to leave to go to work. Katie cried more, telling me that she doesn’t like to stay at day care. I reminded her it was Friday and the weekend was coming. She asked me to stay until she go snack. In the playroom she cried harder when she discovered a cob web on the ceiling, right above her head. It was taken care of. She cried again when she kissed my forehead, nose, lips, and finally my chin goodbye. She told me she didn’t want me to leave, that she needed me, and was going to follow me out. As I walked out the door, she ran away sobbing. As I was driving out of the driveway, she appeared in the bay window of the dining room and waved as she sobbed even harder. I kept looking back, seeing her tearful face watching me leave.

As I drove away, I felt broken.


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Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhh what a crushing way to start a would be so easy to stay defeated - but I hope your day improved. I hope you came back to smiles and laughs and hugs. This motherhood gig is the hardest on the planet, isn't it?