Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Below is a layout I did recently based on one of Valerie's sketches.

This is my three-year old nephew, Luke, and I absolutely love this little boy. We currently live 5 1/2 hours apart, and while I get to visit just about every other month, I still miss him like crazy.

I'm taking a vacation from work the first week of May, and I'll be traveling to Maine to pick this little guy up. He and I will travel back to Massachusetts so he can stay at "Aunt Jo's" house for a few days. I'm excited, and so is he. He's been asking my sister constantly if today is "the day" I come pick him up. I've got a lot of fun things planned for the two of us - making (and playing with) home-made play dough, walking across the street to have breakfast at Dunkin Donuts, walking downtown to the local toy store, purchasing something from said toy store, watching movies, doing crafty things, eating at his favorite restaurant (Friendly's), and of course, lots and lots of giggles, playing, and quality time together.

An update on my last post - Sadly, Audrey passed away. Amazingly however, Audrey was alive when she was born, and she was able to be loved and held by her parents and siblings for over two hours! I am so happy and thankful that this family had time to spend with their little girl and sister. Truly a blessing.


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