Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Donuts, Lobsters, and Smores - Oh My!

I'm sooo tired lately. Not sure why that is. This will be a short entry as my bed is calling my name...

This past long three-day holiday weekend was nice, and equally nice is the shortened work week this week. Is it bad that I'm already craving the weekend?

We spent Memorial Day with the inlaws. I must have gained 10 pounds alone that day. From my guilty little splurge of a fresh cinnamon and sugar donut from the local farm in the morning, to the chips and dip, to the many mimosas, to the lobster and steak dinner, to the jello cake and brownies, and finally to the ooey gooey smores - let's just say I probably don't need to eat again for at least a week.

I have updates and pictures to share, however they're saved to the laptop, and I'm too tired to go start that thing up and do all that. But soon. soon. I also have some really cute Luke stories to share, including his latest "dirty joke."

In other really exciting news, go check THIS out. Valerie Salmon is hooking up with Janna Wilson to offer a 3 week online scrapbooking course loaded with creativity and inspiration. Seriously check it out. The fee for the course is $21, and starts June 9th, although there is a lot of "pre-gaming" going on in the form of chats, forums, questions, a sketch challenge, and other cool stuff to bring the members together and allow them a really fun atmosphere to get to know one another.

I'm off to la la land. Sweet dreams...

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