Monday, June 9, 2008


Just some things that are inspiring me tonite...

1. Prints and Patterns shown here. Like:


2. These adorable little tea cups.

3. And this adorable mug. I just love Charlie and Lola!

4. This adorable little store. I so would love the little curved tea cups, and the curved tea pot in either red or aqua...or both!

5. The wonderful world of Etsy. (Please click on the picture to be taken directly to the etsy shop where these items are located).

What's inspiring you right now?


Rachel's Journal Pages said...

Tea cups at the moment. Love drinking tea and making it with my special little teapot... now I am itching to search all the second-hand stores near me for more unique pots and cups

Karin B said...

Great inspiration!
I'm looking in from the got sketch forum. Love your place and hope to see you more in the class!