Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This little guy to the left was part of a package I sent to my sister in Maine, containing mainly baby clothes for Noah. I sent along a few items for Luke, along with this furry little green gecko. Apparently Luke had discovered him in a store and really wanted to take him home, and my sister couldn't justify spending $15.00 for a tiny stuffed animal. What she didn't know was that this wasn't just any tiny stuffed animal, but was actually one of the many special stuffed animals that are part of the Webkinz craze right now.

Amy described how Luke's jaw fell to the living room floor when he pulled this furry guy out of the package when it arrived. He then proceeded to tell her that Aunt Jo was able to purchase it because "she has money." After naming his new toy, "Longtail Lizard," Luke had established a new best friend.

A few days later, Luke brought Longtail over to my parents' house and logged on the the Webkinz website with him. After viewing his little green "lizard" on the computer screen in cartoon form and interacting with him through feeding him, playing games, and other activities, Luke fell even more in love, and quickly proclaimed that he needed to talk to Aunt Jo about buying him another Webkinz because Longtail needed a friend. (Remember, Aunt Jo is the one with the money!) ;)

Amy was grocery shopping with Luke when she ran into an old friend she hadn't seen in awhile. Her friend was asking how many children Amy had and their ages. Amy responded that she had two boys, and was telling her friend about her newest baby, Noah, when Luke interrupted:

"No momma, we have three boys."

Amy corrected him, and went back to talking, but he interrupted again.

"No momma, we have three boys. Don't forget Longtail. He's my boy, too!"

lol - I think my sister wants to cause me bodily harm for starting this new Webkinz craze. Luke is asking for not only a new friend for Longtail, but also a computer of his own so he can log in to the Webkinz site and play with Longtail whenever he wants to.

And again, guess who he wants to ask to purchase said computer? lol

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Melissa said...

lol! Totally cute story.