Friday, August 1, 2008

What's your story?

...little abandoned shoe?

Don't you wonder about the story that's behind a shoe you see in the road? I see this from time to time, and each time I wonder, what the heck - how did that get there? If it's a baby or toddler shoe, I might guess that the child threw it out the window when Mom or Dad wasn't looking. But what about an adult shoe? I mean, why would you be without a shoe, except in your own home? Wouldn't you notice it missing if you were out in public, especially driving?

Ah, one of life's little mysteries. Can anyone enlighten me? Perhaps you've been there, done that. I mean, perhaps there's a simple answer, no?


Melissa said...

It is always something I wonder about, too!

Anonymous said...

That is so funny. I always think the same thing. Especially when there is only one. When there are two, I figure they got left on the roof of the car, or on the side running board and then the driver drove off with them. Maybe after playing golf or something. I saw a brand new pair of kids soccer shoes the other day, and the mom is most likely upset at her child for leaving them on the roof or the trunk. Those puppies had to cost a months allowance at least. Poor kid. But the one. . .it will always be a mystery. (Jill) (for some reason blogger makes me sign on as anonymous, so I have to put my info here) Have a great day !