Saturday, September 6, 2008

Reflections of hope

I love blogging - but truth be known, I love it more for the inspiration and real-life storytelling I find in the blogs of others than I do writing and keeping up with my own.

I've come to realize lately all of the wonderful blogs I've stumbled upon, and how the authors' "stories" have left a permanent mark on my heart and truly inspired and impacted my own life. I am constantly in awe of those who have been faced with tragedy, but choose to make the most of it, and trust in their faith to know this is only part of God's plan. Families who have lost babies and children, who write of their grief and sorrow, all the while praising Him. Families dealing with a tragic accident, who band together to take care of each others' children and one another.

I'm amazed and overjoyed at the number of people who reach out to help, to support, to listen, to pray, and to offer virtual, and sometimes real-life, hugs to those affected by tragedy. It gives me hope that there are still good people in this world that is too often filled with violence, crime, and hatred.

I am deeply affected by the stories and the people involved - in a good way. I have found that the discovery of these blogs has deepened by own faith, and strengthened by own personal relationship with God. But then again, that was all part of His plan, too, I'm sure. ;)

Please take a moment to visit the following blogs. I can only hope that you are inspired and impacted as much as I have been by them.

Jody Ferlaak - Jody's blog was the first to touch my soul.

The Story of Audrey Caroline - Through Angie's blog I was able to be a part of her journey of the life and death of her beautiful daughter, Audrey Caroline.

Nie Nie - Wow, what a beautiful and amazing family. Stephanie and Clark were in a private plan crash, and are now recovering from burns on more than 80% of their bodies. Be sure to read Stephanie's sister's blog for updates. And click here to see how you can help.

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shelley said...

so eloquently put. i can totally relate to your feelings. i often feel strange thinking i am connected to so many *strangers* - in a physical sense - but have reached out and been reached out TO on so many different levels. ain't it something?