Thursday, January 15, 2009

Girlie Stuff

Hey all, I need your advice.

I'm trying to update my baby registries, and am both frustrated and overwhelmed by all that's out there (and having to decide on things from a computer screen vs having the luxury of seeing these items in person) and reading all the reviews - ie, trying to find the safest, best, and most affordable items.

Also, I'm thinking that since we're wanting to have more children later, that I want some of the larger items that I would reuse (stroller, car seat, high chair, pack-n-play, swing, baby sling, etc) to be gender neutral.

And I'm stumped on what color to do the baby furniture in (crib, dresser, changing table) - I'm definitely leaning toward the white or light wood. Opinions?

I'd LOVE for your ideas on what you love and what you'd recommend for a first-time Mommy. We're registering at Target and Babies-R-Us if that helps. But if you have other suggestions for some cute things someplace else, let me know that too.


This bed rest thing is totally annoying. I just lay here and think of all the things I could and would like to be doing, and I can't do any of them. I'm ready to organize, purge, clean, etc. And I'd love to scrapbook again. Darling hubby got me a new desk/hutch and organizing cubes for my scrap space for Christmas, and all I can do is peek in the room from time to time and long to be using them. There aren't many options for being productive when you're living a horizontal life. And the unproductive part of all this is killing me. I asked hubby to install a program on my laptop so I can do some digital scrapping, but otherwise, I'm sooo bored! Any ideas on how to fill my time?

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Melissa W. said...

When shopping, we talked to different people about different furniture, too. White looks fantastic out of the box, but it gets banged with toys and things dropped on it and scratched and those scratches are REALLY noticeable.

I wish I lived closer. I would totally come put your scrap room together for you, install Photoshop on your computer, and bring you 80,000,000 books. hehehe :)

Have you tried using Scrapblog? It doesn't require a program and it makes pretty cute pages! :)