Wednesday, May 27, 2009


While meeting with the baby’s pediatrician for the first time, we discussed the history of the pregnancy. I don’t think I truly realized all that we’ve been through with this pregnancy until I “shared my story.”

  • Scary, massive bleeding mid-December. I truly thought I was going to lose the baby.
  • Bed rest – 3 months of it, from December until mid-March.
  • Diagnosis of Placenta Previa. Told I would most likely need a c-section to deliver the baby at the end of the pregnancy.
  • Diagnosed with Anemia. Put on Iron pills for the remainder of the pregnancy.
  • Failed the first Glucose test that I took. The 3 hour glucose test showed I was on the borderline for one of the tests. I met with a nutritionist and put on a sugar-free, low carb, only water and 8 ounces of milk allowed, eat-every-couple-of-hours diet.
  • Diagnosed with Oligo (low amniotic fluid) *Numerous non-stress tests and ultrasounds to monitor the baby.

Phew! And this pregnancy isn’t even done yet!

My doctor has recently shared with me that he is proud of where I’ve been and how far I’ve come. Apparently he was very worried that I would lose the baby with all of the troubles I was having early on. He said he wouldn’t have told me that during the time, but looking back, he really thought I would lose her. That was difficult to hear and comprehend.

On Monday, I will be 37 weeks and full-term. I’ve dreamed and prayed for this moment. Especially all those months when I was on bed rest, or was experiencing complications.

Soon I will meet my little miracle baby.


Amber said...

Geeez girl!! You sound like my cousin. She has HORRIBLE pregnancies!! She's been in the E.R. like 10 times this time around.

You're almost there!! Can't wait to see pics of her!

Jodi said...

I know, I wish it could be easier. I really hope it's not this way the next time around!

Cindy Tobey said...

Wow! I'm sorry you've had such a hard pregnancy. I pray you have a safe and easy delivery! I wanted to let you know that I posted that recipe on my blog that you asked about. :)