Wednesday, November 18, 2009

5 Months

Sweet girl, you are five months old today!!

What are you doing these days?

  • You have been eating rice cereal for a few weeks now, one meal a day so far. Last night we introduced you to sweet potatoes. You made the funniest faces in response, but you continued to pound your hands on the high chair tray and "demand" more.

  • You can roll over from your back onto your sides, and you're so close to rolling all the way over. I'm sure you'll surprise yourself, and us, when you finally do.

  • You enjoy laying on your back. You will squeal and screech, getting all excited in this position. I get down on the floor with you, and try to determine what has you all excited, and I'm really hoping we don't have some friendly ghosts in the house who like to play with you, because all I see is the ceiling. :)

  • You still enjoy playing in your exersaucer, though you're getting bored of your toys more quickly these days. I can't wait for Christmas! I think Santa will be bringing you lots of fun things. (Along with everyone else who will be spoiling you, I'm sure).

  • You're pretty much sleeping through the night now. I tried some new schedule changes (no naps after a certain time, going to bed a little earlier, really sticking to a bedtime routine, and trying to allow you to fall asleep on your own) and you're actually sleeping much better. You will usually go to sleep around 7:30pm, and wake anywhere from 5-6am. Of course, Daddy is still trying to convince you to sleep in until at least 8 or so.

  • You are becoming more and more vocal. Sounds we often hear are, "Goy, goy goy" and "Da-da-da." And of course there is the screeching and squealing you're always doing.

  • You LOVE the cat. You're all smiles when he's in your sight. You could hear him meow from across the room, and you'll turn your head in that direction to try to see him. He's pretty good about letting you touch him, until you start to pull on his fur.

  • You had your first "infection" that needed to be treated with antibiotics, though your pediatrician wasn't 100% sure if you had an infection in one of your ears. Because you were showing signs of such, and your ear was pretty clogged, along with a stuffy nose you couldn't get rid of, he prescribed the antibiotic to rid the ear of possible infection, along with a suspected sinus infection. And let me just state for the record, you take your medicine like a champ. You actually enjoy it.

  • You had your first Halloween, and we dressed you as Princess Leia. Yes, you were adorable.

  • You're still one of the happiest, smirkiest, most smiley babies we know. We are so very thankful and blessed that you are our daughter.


Staci said...

Holy Cow! Her big blue eyes are stunning! I love the second picture with that big smile. I can't believe that she is 5 months old. Gotta love the halloween costume. She will surprise you when you go into her room one morning and she will be on her tummy! Look out....crawling will follow soon.

Brianna said...

Your daughter is A.DOR.A.BLE!!!

Thank you for the kind words you left on my post.