Friday, November 12, 2010


Katie's vocabulary is just increasing every day. And she's currently putting two words together, and sometimes even three when she's really mad (see below). I saw this idea by Erin over at Together for Good, and knew I wanted to document Katie's vocabulary and sayings, so I'd always remember them. Because goodness knows how fast time flies with your little ones.

The Unauthorized Unofficial Uncomprehensive Katie Dictionary

ah-done: all done. refers to anything she's finished with.

ah-yew: love you.

ap: apple

ba-ba: sheep

bay-ew: bear

ba-ya: bath

Bra: Uncle Brian

bub-bew: bubble

but: belly button

bu-bye: literally: goodbye. means: bye-bye or goodnight.

can-ee: candy. This word has shown an increasing frequency since Halloween.

clee-up: literally: clean up means: either I'm going to help you clean or I've just made a mess that needs to be cleaned.

Da-da: Daddy. Funny thing is she actually used to call him Daddy, then for some reason switched to Da-Da.

Dap: Daphne

did-it: literally: did it. means: I did it!

dip: literally: dip. means: ketchup, mustard, sour cream, syrup, or anything else used for dipping food into.

don-wan-it!: don't want it. Usually screamed in anger when the dog is too close to her, or when she doesn't want to do something we're asking of her, such as getting dressed or changing her diaper.

em-a-nem-a: M&M's

flee-ride: fluoride. Refers to her fluoride drops.

go way: go away. Usually directed at the dog when he's too close to her food.

gum-ma: Gummies. literally: fruit snacks.

hay-ew: hair

heh-yo: hello

hot-dohg: literally: hot dog. means: hot dog, or anything else I'm cooking on the stove.

Jo-dee: Jodi. Yes, she calls me by name 50% of the time. Usually quite emphatically, too. Or when she doesn't know where I am in the house.

Ma-Ma: Momma

ma-yah-yew: literally: marshmallow means: marshmallow, raisins, or some cereals.

moo-ee: movie. Refers to you tube nursery rhyme videos or one of her DVD's. We literally can not use our laptops without her running over, excitedly yelling out, "Moo-ee!!"

mmm-uck: milk. And it's usually a yell, as she very adamantly wants some

me muck: my milk

nan-nah: banana. Usually said with much enthusiasm. She loves her bananas.

nap: literally: nap means: I need to sleep now.

nay: horse or pony

oh bod-er: "oh bother"

oh-no!: oh no. refers to something dropped or gone wrong.

Op: this is what Katie lovingly calls our dog, Optimus. When she's yelling for him, sometimes she will call out, "Op Op!"

pat-cee: pacifier, which we call "paci"

pee-boo: literally: peek-a-boo means: I'd like to play the after-dinner game where mom and I peek at each other above and below the dining room table, and then chase each other.

pee!: peas. Usually said with much excitement. Peas are her favorite vegetable.

pee-pee: literally: pee means: I'm about to pee

pee-gees: pj's

poon: literally: spoon. means: spoon or fork.

pot-tee: potty. Can refer to her potty or the real toilet.

ree-book: read book. Usually said while she's walking toward you with a book ready in hand.

row-row!: literally: row, row, row your boat means: I'd like to listen to my nursery rhyme CD!

choo: literally: shoe means: shoe, sneaker, or slipper.

snac-K: snack, with an emphasis on the "k" - I'm beginning to wonder if she's part Russian.

tee: literally: teeth means: I'd like to brush my teeth, please.

uh-oh: uh-oh. refers to something gone wrong.


Anonymous said...

This is adorable! Thanks for sharing it! :)

(in our house, "uh-oh" usually means "I just dropped something and I'm going to cry till you pick it up for me, and then I'm going to throw it down on the ground again." My boys ADORE that game (sarcasm! Ha!).

Kendra said...

Good for you for writing these down! I had a whole bunch of cute things the girls said, but only wrote down about half of them and now, they are gone to mommy-brain. This will be so wonderful to look back on! :-)