Friday, November 19, 2010

Lisa Leonard Designs

If you've not heard of or seen Lisa Leonard's beautiful creations, then you're really missing out! It's time to come out from under that rock, and peruse all of the wonderful items she handcrafts! :)

I've been admiring and coveting Lisa's jewelry for years now. I've been holding off on asking for one of her family necklaces, because our little family isn't complete just yet. But when it is, one of the following necklaces will be on my wish list.

I already have these beautiful earrings in my collection, and love them! I get many compliments when I wear them.

Lisa is hosting an amazing giveaway over at her blog. Go over and enter now for your chance to win a gift certificate to get one of her lovely items for your very own, or to win a Target gift card!

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