Monday, December 20, 2010

The most expensive wash cloth

Taking a minute to catch my breath amongst the craziness of this week - last minute shopping, gift wrapping, cleaning, getting the house ready for Christmas and the guests we'll be having over the holidays...phew! The month just flew right by; I can't believe Christmas is in a few days.

The last week has been hectic. My darling 1 1/2 year old daughter decided to shove her wash cloth down the drain during bath time. And it clogged the pipes. There were unsuccessful attempts to find the missing wash cloth ourselves. Then we needed to have a plumber come in. I was a nervous wreck while he was here, as all I really heard were power tools as he cut a hole in the hall closet to access the pipes. Only to find something stuck about 3 feet in, but unable to clear it. He recommended we call in a place like Roto Rooter, so they could bring in their "machinery." Just what I wanted to hear. So we had the Rooter people come in with their "big machines," and they were able to bust the clog through the pipes, and all was well. I probably could have kissed the men, but I refrained. $300 and lots of clogged-pipe-stress later, we had our bath tub back. Praise the Lord, as we have family coming for over a week during the holidays, and we kind of need the bath tub. My daughter is now grounded until she is 18, and we have installed "safety precautions" in the drain. Hindsight is 20/20, yes?

(Warning, may contain TMI) - Then we came home Friday evening to find our poor dog had been sick. After scrubbing out his crate, and giving him a nice bath, we called it a night. Except he still wasn't well. He had another "accident" in his crate and spent the entire next day straining to go to the bathroom everytime he went out to potty. I'm sure our neighbors truly appreciated our 10 pm "intervention" out in the yard. Picture my husband holding the dog, and me with a flashlight between my knees, holding the dog's tail up and...well, you get the picture. We were afraid he'd eaten something he shouldn't have, and after doing some research, we rethought our hypothesis and thought maybe he had colitis. Treatment includes fasting for a day, followed by a bland diet. So far, so good. *knocks on wood*

I'm hoping that's all the excitement we'll have for awhile, and we can just sit back and enjoy the holidays. I can't wait to see Katie's little face on Christmas morning!! If I don't get back on here between now and then, have a wonderful holiday!


Melissa W. said...

Hehe! We just got to work with Roto Rooter after having our sewer backup. They were really awesome and quick! It didn't cost us $300, though, luckily!

And I might remind you to take similar precautions with the toilet. We've had to replace two so far because of curiosity yielding results of two different toys being flushed down them and getting stuck beyond the point of no return.

Jodi said...

Ahh, thanks, Mel. The plumber mentioned the toilets for that same reason. I think we'll be looking into that!

I Dare You To Bid said...

I totally understand the whole dog bit. I had to do something very similar.