Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I'm just falling more and more in love with this little girl.

From her sweet kisses, to her tight leg or neck squeezes, I just can't get enough.

I love her increasing vocabulary that astounds me every day and how her sentences are getting longer, such as, "Uh oh. I dropped it."

I love that she is starting to name her stuffed animals - currently there is Pootsie the Dr. Seuss character, and Lulu the giraffe. And I love her attachment to certain ones.

I adore her sweetness with her stuffed animals and baby dolls; how she swaddles them in blankets, pushes them around in her stroller, feeds them bottles, attempts to change their diapers, and snuggles them close against her, giving them a gentle pat on the back. I keep telling her she will be a great big sister. 

I love when she will randomly point at my belly and refer by name to the little one growing inside me.

I absolutely adore her sense of humor, her silliness, her joking, and that smirk she always gives.

I love how she asks for the following when we get home from day care each day: "Elmo? Moo-ee? Watch it? Lay down? Daddy sit you?" Which translates into, 'Can I lay down on the couch and unwind with my favorite Elmo movie with my Daddy?'

I love how she hates to see me cry, and she herself will in turn start to cry, saying, "No, Momma." Such an empathetic little heart, she has.

I love how she always wants to help, from emptying the dishwasher to dusting to folding laundry.  It's both entertaining and sweet.

I love that she always wants to be sure that Mom and Dad have a piece of candy from her Claw Machine before she gets one for herself. 

I think it's so sweet the way she talks to our dog, Optimus, how she calls him, "Op Buddy" and that she insists on giving him a hug goodnight before bed each evening.

I think it's adorable how she wants to copy me so much lately - from the way I hold my applesauce container, to blowing on my food to cool it down.

I love her sweet little voice, especially when she sings along to a song. 

I am completely in love with this little girl of mine.

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