Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Talk Time

My husband and I take turns putting each of our daughters to bed. Over the weekend, when it was my turn to put Katie to bed, I initiated a new part to her bedtime routine. 

Talk Time

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I stumbled upon this wonderful idea that Rachel over at Hands Free Mama put into place with her own daughters.

When I first mentioned the words talk time to Katie, her eyes got wide and she looked a bit nervous. I had to reassure her that she wasn't in trouble for anything, and then I explained that it would be a time for her to be able to talk to me about anything she wanted, or ask me any questions she had.

She became very excited.

I used Rachel's idea of initiating the conversation with me asking a question.

"Do you have any questions about when I was a kid?"

She thought for a moment, and then asked, "Did you use a paci (pacifier) when you were a baby?"  Which was interesting, because I had to think for a minute. I don't recall ever seeing any pictures of me with a pacifier, so I couldn't say for sure, and I told her so.

Her next question was about going to get donuts in the morning, just her and I.

Then she looked at me and said, "I have a lot of questions, Momma." I assured her that she could ask more, and we could have talk time each night when I put her to bed.

She looked around her bedroom, and spotted her stuffed animals. "Mom, I don't really use Plankton any more. Maybe I could give him away to another girl." 

Her last question that night inquired about having a drink of water.

Last night was round two of Talk Time. Again, she was very excited. And again, she told me she had a lot of questions.

She started with, "I was wondering if maybe we could have a tag sale and I could give all the toys I don't play with to other kids who don't have a lot of toys." My sweet, thoughtful child. We talked about giving to others, and perhaps donating some toys to the local hospital.

She then told me that she doesn't like her (bunk) bed anymore, and she would rather have a bed like Mom and Dad's. She also informed me that she needs to switch bedrooms. When I asked her why, she said, "Because my bedroom is next to Leia's, and she snores really loud." Which made me chuckle. And no, Leia does not snore. Their father on the other hand...

Katie was quite tired last night, and didn't want to ask many more questions. I think however, that this is the start of a great tradition, and a wonderful way to connect with her. I look forward to when Leia is old enough to also have talk time. I lam eager to learn about the thoughts spiraling in their little minds, and deepening our mother/daughter relationships.

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