Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Around here

Recently heard from the littles:

After seeing me pouting during a conversation with the hubs, Leia looks at me and asks, "What wrong?" She then says, "I kiss it," and proceeds to pucker up.

Upon greeting Leia 'good morning,' she smirks and replies, "I faw-ted.

Katie: "Mom, can you start my movie?"
Me: "Yes, honey."
Katie: "Aww, that's so sweet of you!"

Upon receiving the last squirt of whipped cream from the canister, Katie points to herself and exclaims, "Winner!" then points into the other room where her father is and shouts, "Loser!"

Katie was telling me that she and her dad are awesome. She then gives me a concerned look and says, "well, you are a little bit awesome, Momma" and holds up her pointer finger and thumb together to demonstrate.

And then this...
While in day care, the provider overheard Katie and her friend talking. Katie gave a deep sigh, then stated, "I really wish I had a boyfriend." Said comment was followed up by lots of smiles and giggles between the two girls.

Did I mention that she's 3?

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