Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's back

Woke up to some more bleeding this morning - this time it's more like spotting, and definitely not as heavy as when I had to go to the ER. Called the on call, since it's the weekend, and the doc said to definitely take it easy today, and to call back if the bleeding gets worse or if I feel pain and cramping.

My next ultrasound is on the 12th, but may call my doctor's office Monday morning to see if I can go in to at least listen to the heartbeat for reassurance until then.

I'm staying positive, I am, I am. But I would LOVE to hear your experiences with bleeding during pregnancy, if this has happened to you before.

And welcoming prayers and positive thoughts, of course. :)


Tricia Wilson said...

I do not have personal experience in this area, but I am wishing you a healthy, happy pregnancy. I would suggest going in on Monday to hear the babies heart beat just to put your mind at ease. I had to do that once while pregnant with my daughter. It helped tremendously.
Good luck.

Melissa W. said...

A friend of my friend, Genie, spotted through all three of her pregnancies and she has three beautiful, healthy children. :) Perhaps this is God's way of making you take it easy, even though you don't want to!

I know how scary it can be when you have problems and worries during your pregnancy. Sending prayers your way that God will ease your worrying and you have a happy and healthy baby post-36 weeks! :)

lisaplus5 said...

i just read your post on Ali's blog and i want you to know i am here and praying for you (even though i do not know you!)... i had a baby 9 months ago after bleeding and many months of bedrest! e-mail me anytime


Melissa W. said...

Thinking of you today! *hugs*